Made a short video on something you can work on at home. In case there isn't a lot of room at home, you can still do this.

They also took a try performing Heian Nidan.


This is part 1 of the Ten No Kata. Part 1 is stepping forward executing punches. Watch the video and practice stepping forward and punching. The Ten No Kata was created by Funakoshi. You do not need a lot of room to practice the Ten No Kata.

Click the link below to see the video.

Grace performing Bassai Dai.

Max performing Mongetsu Bo.

Click in the black area on the left. Christian Breakfield is performing Bo Kihon No Kata
Miran Reynolds performing a Sai Kata at a tournament in Chico, CA in 1985.

Miran performing Empi at a tournament in Chico, CA, 1985